U-Screen, Inc. as an organization keep the interest of contractors as our guidance to manufacturer the best portable screening plant in the market. We are welcome to any suggestion you may have so we can better serve the needs of our clients.

As a result of feedback from current clients and prospects, we have design our screening mats with the propose of making them easy to change. This feature on our machines make possible for you to accomplish many applications with one machine. To see a video of how easy its to change a screening mat, please click here.

One of the step our sales force will thoroughly go with you is choosing the right screening mats for your needs. Different materials require different screening mats, whether they be the opening size or opening shape. Because of this diverse selection of screening mats, we are capable of accommodation the contractor who is looking to screen sand, dirt, gravel, p-stones and many other materials. Bellow you will find some of our popular screens:

Harp Wire Screening Mat (size range 1/8" - 3/8" )

Slotted Screening Mat (size range 1/2" - 1")

Woven Screening Mat (size range 1/2" - 4")

VIBRATING Grizzly Mat (size range 1-1/2" - 3")

Douglas P. from Alabama approached us with the quest of getting five different products out of one material. In the past he would have to buy a star screening plant, but because its easy to change the screens on our machines all he needed was to match his finished products with the right screens. Bellow you will find a diagram of this unique situation.

Raw Material

Finished product #1
Screening Mat:

Finished product #2
Screening Mat:

Finished product #3
Screening Mat:

Finished product #4
Screening Mat:

Finished product #5
Screening Mat:


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