The AX-500 provides the construction contractor with simple to use, compact, and highly reliable screening plant that can handle a wide variety of materials. The contractor saves money by screening their materials on the job site therefore, reducing hauling and tipping cost.

Allows the user to move his screening plant from job site to job site with the fastest set up time increasing productivity and profits.

Ease of Use
So simple to operate that no standby operator is required to operate the machine. Reduces operating cost and increase profits.

Equipped with all hydraulic systems will give you longer life than non-hydraulic designs. Reduces maintenance costs and increases machine life.

Compact Design
Allows the user to operate the screening plant in areas not accessible to more conventional designs increasing opportunities for profits.

"I have one [U-Screen] unit that we bought 3-4 years ago, and I can't say enough great things about the machine. It has made us $$$$$$$ and with only basic maintenance".
~John B. (Massachusetts)

"At first I was a little hesitant to buy the AX-500 because I've been using Reeds all along. However after using the ax-500 for a week, it has performed just as good as a larger screener. I'm very satisfied with the AX-500 screener from U-Screen."
~BOB C. (Massachusetts)

"When I first saw the picture of the AX-500 i thought i was coming to see a little toy, but when I saw it live, I knew this machine was built tough"
~AL S. (Massachusetts)

"Being portable is the biggest feature on this machine for me, I would be able to screen dirt on site eliminating truck fees, driver fees and tipping fees."
~ RICHARD A. (Pennsylvania)

Engine (See Engine Manual For Complete Specifications)

  • Manufacturer: Kubota
  • Model Number: E-D902E
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Gross Horsepower 25
  • Net Horsepower 23.5
  • Rated Engine Speed 3600 rpm
  • Operating Range 900 - 2850 rpm
  • Displacement 54.8
  • Cylinders 3
  • Bore and Stroke 72x73.6
  • Compression Ratio 24:1
  • Lubrication Pressurized
  • Cooling System Water Pump
  • Oil Filter Single Element
  • Air Cleaner Dry Type with Safety Element

Electrical System

  • Type 12 Volt
  • Battery Size 12v, 52 AH
  • Charging Generator 12v.480w
  • Starter Size 12v, 1.2kw

Fuel System

  • Fuel Filter Replaceable Element (15231-43560)
  • Fuel Diesel
  • Fuel Pump In-Line with Electric Shutoff
  • Fuel Delivery Direct Injection, Self Bleeding
  • Fuel Consumption (At Rated Engine Speed and 75% Load 6.36L/hr (1.68 gal/hr)

Hydraulic System

  • Type of System Open Center
  • Pump Type Dual Gear
  • Working Pressure 15582 kpa (2262 psi)
  • Pump Capacity (Main) at Rated Speed 32.0 L/min (8.5 gpm)

Fluid Capacities

  • Fuel Tank 10 Gallons
  • Cooling System 5.8 L (6.1 qt)
  • Engine Crankcase w/ Filter 5.3 L (5.6 qt)
  • Hydraulic System (20 gal)


  • Overall Width 5’6”
  • Overall Length 20’
  • Overall Height 8'10"
  • Operating Height 8’2”
  • Weight: AX500 6100 lbs
  • Screen Size: 6' x 5' (Double Deck)
  • Hoper : 9’2” wide



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