2009 Maine Expo introduces the C-36 with success. (04/22/2009)

With great weather, the 2009 Maine Expo, organized by the Women in Construction, was a success for U-Screen. Despite the slow economy, Francisco and Robert, the representatives at the show informed us that the quality of exhibitors and foot traffic was better than expected.

For the first time at the Maine Expo, U-Screen decided to put the C-36 Portable Screening Plant in exhibit and it was a success. Attendees were very impressed with the all around quality of the machine and the integrated conveyor belt system. Remarks such as “this is a complete screening solution for the average landscaper and small contractor”, and “U-Screen has now become a potential buy because of the conveyor” was given at the expo.

Furthermore, attendees complemented our representatives by stating that “U-Screen has knowledgeable, friendly and honest sales people” and “the sales people has helped me identify potential money saving applications and potential for additional revenue”.

For more information about our product line, please explore our information packed web site.


NSTAR reduces its expenses with the AX-500 Portable Screening Plant. (10/13/2008)

NSTAR has been a prospect client of U-Screen for 2 years and when NSTAR's priority was to decrease expenses, U-Screen stepped up to the challenge.

Throughout Massachusetts, NSTAR digs thousands of feet of ditches a day and they saw the opportunity to save money. Instead of purchasing screened dirt, they would transport the material they take out from their jobs and brings to storage facility where they kept the material until it was enough to out source the screening. However, when U-Screen presented their product line, they immediately saw the opportunity not only to save money but also speed up jobs.

Equipped with the AX-500, they are able to save money because once the material is at their storage facility, they material is processed on site, eliminating the additional trip to the screening company they used. In addition, there is no more waiting to accumulate enough material to get screened. When material is needed and there is no screened material available, one man is able to produce 200 yards on one day when needed.

The first unit was delivered on 10/07/2008 and two more units scheduled to be delivered throughout the MA state.


U-Screen minimizes its over head expenditure to stay competitive and to avoid passing on price increases to its customers. (07/31/2008)

In a previous article we depicted U-Screen’s performance for 2007; it stated that U-Screen had a remarkable performance in the 2007 fiscal year despite predictions of slowdown due to a debilitated economy. However, the best performance from U-Screen is yet to come. Half-way through the 2008 fiscal year, U-Screen confronted a major national obstacle head on; the rising of fossil fuel.

The owners of U-Screen, Bob DeVoe and Paul Quinn, have implemented some new business strategies, which are already in effect and making a difference in daily company initiatives. This decision and effort was made in order to defer the extra cost of manufacturing the company’s product line from their customers.

Turning to the operations aspect of U-Screen, out dated oil heaters are being updated this summer to natural gas heaters. This not only decreases U-Screen’s overhead expenditure but also gives the company an ecological image and a place in the ever growing green movement. Other new technologies are also been implemented throughout our facilities to help decrease overhead expenditure, increase employee-friendly environments, and also make a statement that U-Screen is an environmentally friendly company.

Years ago companies would spend thousands of dollars in paper products in order to market, advertise and promote its products.  A couple of years ago, U-Screen had the same strategy, however, over the past year U-Screen has been evolving from a heavy paper products user to a digital user approach. With the implementation of a system heavily dependent on the internet, U-Screen was able to switch from its dependence on paper to a more paperless company. This initiative was brought to U-Screen by Francisco Oliveira, Marketing Assistant, when he first arrived at U-Screen over a year ago.

These are some examples of cost reduction, yet not quality reduction, initiatives that U-Screen as a whole is implementing in its various departments to prevent a rise in the prices of its products, which would ultimately be pass to you, the end customer. We are taking the necessary steps to be a fully environmentally-friendly company. We appreciate your caring and support with this issue.


Volvo Rents purchases two AX-500 for their Idaho fleet. (06/20/2008)

After attending the CON/AGG 2008 in Las Vegas, NV, Volvo Rents purchases two units of the AX-500 model after much demand for a portable screening plant. "We are anxious to receive theses machine because we all ready have a waiting list for them". These two units are going to Post Falls, ID and more units are being negotiated for Idaho and other states.


The C-36 portable screening plant has a record breaking introduction at CON/AGG Trade Show 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada (04/02/2008)

Only one month after being launched, the model C-36 has exceeded sales projections for the 1st quarter with twenty sales at its first trade show alone, The Conexpo 2008. Sales are expected to remain steady through the second quarter as U-Screen boosts its advertising, public relation and show budgets.

Bob DeVoe, co-founder of U-Screen, says that “[Conexpo] not only helped [U-Screen] with the introduction of the C-36, but it also helped us to establish a higher credibility with our target market”.

The C-36 model is built with the basic U-Screen principals in order to provide contractors with a durable, industrial-quality machine. This machine is equipped with the Kubota 25HP diesel engine, all hydraulic system, and 2 year warranty. Moreover, its main and crucial feature is its 9 ’ high-stacking conveyor.

For specifications, pictures and videos please click here to visit the C-36 page


Successful 2007: U-Screen matches 2006 sales (01/06/2008)

Despite the prediction for a weak 2007 economy, U-Screen, Inc. performed relatively well when compared to previous year. Two important factors which contributed to the good performance in 2007 were the aggressive online marketing and the new trade shows attended by U-Screen.

At first, no one took the 2007 predictions seriously, however, in the first quarter the effects seemed to be taking place nationwide. U-Screen then recognized that to have a relatively good performance, they would have to do things a little different to stand out in the industry. That’s when Bob DeVoe and Paul Quinn, the owners of U-Screen, decided to aggressively use online marketing tools to reach out to their target market. New web site, ad engines, videos and pictures helped U-Screen advertise their equipment to those who could not physically see the machines.

The online marketing tools helped U-Screen to reach out but people still wanted to see the machines in person and because of that, half way through the year the management team decided that new trade shows would be a valuable tool to expose the company and machines. Two additional shows this year were the ‘WHEN Recycling Show’ in PA and the ‘The Green Industry and Equipment Show’ in KY. Both trade shows resulted in good lead generation and floor sales.

U-Screen matched its 2006 sales in 2007 which by itself is a remarkable performance taking into account the national overall economic performance.


U-Screen receives warm welcome at GIE-Expo in Louisville, KY (11/08/07)

In spite of the cold, gloomy weather outside, U-Screen Inc., received a positive, warm welcome by both attendees and exhibitors alike at the GIE-Expo in Louisville, KY.  More than 21,000 people participated in the first-ever Green Industry & Equipment Expo (GIE+EXPO 2007) Thursday – Saturday, October 25-27.  The show, which was comprised of more than 640 exhibitors at a total usage of 246,000 square feet was a great venue to introduce U-Screen, Inc. and the AX-500 portable screening plant to the new Midwestern trade show and marketplace. Paul Quinn, co-founder of U-Screen, Inc was present at the show and said that "this exposition didn't only provide prospective customers for us, but also selling power". U-Screen comes home with three deposits with the goal to ship the machines within 2 weeks.

Attendees comments ran the gamut from compliments on power train, “Kubota’s a good engine” to engineering & design, “This thing’s amazing!” & “It’s the perfect size for our yard.” to the warranty. “Two years AND unlimited hours?!”

U-Screen was excited with the outcome of the GIE-Expo and is looking forward to participate at the GIE-Expo 2008!


U-Screen attends the annual Massachusetts Cemetery Association Suppliers Day Expo (09/20/07)

On September 19th, U-Screen, Inc. attended the annual Massachusetts Cemetery Association (MCA) Suppliers Day Expo at the VFW in Medway to showcase the U-Screen AX-500. Attendees were very impressed with how quiet and efficient in diesel consumption the machine is. After speaking to some of the cemetery directors, Francisco Oliveira (U-Screen Rep.) was shocked to find out how they were still purchasing loom and other aggregates instead of recycling the existing material they currently have on site.

Francisco has future plans in working with the MCA to show how the cemetery staffs on how they can save money by recycling their existing material on site. If you have any suggestions on how to help educate the cemeteries in the recycling process, email us at info@u-screen.com.


City of New Bedford purchases AX-500 for the Cemetery Department (08/22/07)

When searching for a portable screening plant, the city of New Bedford discovered U-Screen, Inc. "When I first saw the picture of the AX-500 I thought I was coming to see a little toy, but when I saw it live, I knew this machine was built tough" said Al Simoe from the City of New Bedford at U-Screen headquarters.

City officials were very impressed with the components of the screener, specially the engine (Kubota 25HP diesel), the screener rigid engineering and the customer service they were greeted with.

U-screen and the city of New Bedford utilized the services of C&J Equipment and John Face to set up the sale of the machine. "What I like best about U-Screen is that they are local to us", John mentioned to the city officials during the AX-500 demo.

The machine has been delivered and Cemetery workers are looking forward to use the machine to speed up their operations as there is no more waiting for top soil truck loads to arrive. For pictures and movies of the AX-500, please visit our picture and movie page.


W.H.E.N. Recycling Expo (08/20/07)

U-Screen was one of the exhibitors on the W.H.E.N. Recycling Expo August 15 - 16. Being one of the smallest equipment at the show, the AX-500 surprised many attendees with its engineering, power and mobility. Many of the excavation companies that currently have skid steers mentioned that our machine would be the perfect portable screening plant for their operations. One other characteristic that really raised eye browns was the Kubota 25HP diesel engine .

However the biggest selling point was the great engineering that Paul and Bob applied when designing the machine. Its the quietest portable screening plant on the market and the only shaking part on this machine is the shaker box. The remainder of the machine does not vibrate, preventing from long term stress on the machine.

Attendees Review:
"This machine is so quiet I can start screening early and this machine wont bother my neighbors"
~ Bob S., VA

"Being portable is the biggest feature on this machine for me, Ii would be able to screen dirt on site eliminating truck fees, driver fees and tipping fees."
- Richard A., PA

For pictures and movies from the PA W.H.E.N. Recycling show, please visit our picture and movie page.


New Dealership in Arkansas (07/31/07)

Bill Gerry from Pea Ridge, AR has established our newest dealership in Arkansas. Bill has agreed to become our official dealer after he visited the U-Screen headquarters in Canton, MA. If you would like to contact him, please visit our U-Screen Locations page.


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