U-Screen was established in 1996 in Canton, Massachusetts. The goal was to manufacture a superlative portable screening plant which would out-perform any other portable screening plant of its category. The founders, Robert and Paul, envisioned a product made up of the highest quality parts and best craftsmanship of the Boston, MA area.

However, before U-Screen was created, the partners worked for many years repairing portable screening plants. This valuable experience enabled the founders to envision and develop the number one portable screening plant manufactured in the Northeast. U-Screen since then has been expanding its market nation and world wide.

U-Screen first portable screening plant was the SW-300. This model was a roll off model which had no wheels and had to be transported by trailer. Equipped with a single cylinder Kubota air cooled diesel engine (8.5HP) with a screening size of 5' x5 it was a success. As a company signature, this model was also equipped with a hydraulic system. However, with the overwhelming request for a model with an axle, the founders of U-Screen designed the AX-300 model.

In 2000, U-Screen started the production of the AX-300 model. This unit featured a 2 cylinder water cooled Kubota diesel engine (12.5HP). Because the addition of the hydraulic axle on the AX-300, U-Screen had to became certified by the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) so that the AX-300 would meet D.O.T. requirements to become road legal for towing. It didn't take long for the demand for a bigger screener drive the founders to manufacture a bigger machine.

Late 2003, the founders started the production of the AX-500. With a screening area of 6' x 5', 3 cylinder water cooled Kubota diesel engine (25HP) and reinforcements to high impact areas. This was the ultimate portable screening plant for the mid-size equipment industry. Along with the upgrades, the AX-500 came with a bigger fuel system and hydraulic system.

Since the creation of the AX-500, we are known as the most dependable screener on the market. Our two year full warranty on all parts and labor speaks for itself. We are proud to say "U-Screen is made in the USA!"


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